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Three Six Five

Three Six Five

On a sunny but cold spring day, one year ago, I grabbed my camera and headed out to photograph an old shed I’d thought about photographing a million times. It was the first shot of my 365 project. One shot, everyday, for one year.

I jumped into this 365 without any idea of how much it would consume the next year of my life. There were ups and downs of course. Some images I’m proud of, others I was embarrassed to post. There were periods of growth technically and creatively and times when I thought I might just bore myself to death with my lack of inspiration. I tried to tackle a range of subjects, and to learn something new with each shot. As a body of work, I’m proud of it.

Because of this project, I went places I wouldn’t have gone, saw things I wouldn’t have seen, did things I wouldn’t have done and met people I wouldn’t have met. My life is the richer for it. For me that’s the beauty of photography. It carries us to new places.

A few weeks before the end, I started to freak out a bit about my final picture. The pressure started to build to shoot something great for the final shot. In the end, I decided to be kind to myself, let myself off the hook and finish the way I started. I simply ventured out on another sunny but cold spring day with camera in hand to see what I might see.

I’m happy to be finished with this particular project. I’m ready to move on to new challenges and I just may breathe a little. Thanks for looking in on me and following me along this journey, your support means more than you know.

A Shot A Day. 365/365. 3-27-10.