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Mount Rainier | Washington State

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Morning at Reflection LakesMorning at Reflection LakesMt. Rainier National Park. Washington.

Morning on the Reflection Lakes | Mount Rainier National Park | Washington

After our time at Mount Adams, we made our way to Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park.  On my last visit to Mount Rainier, quite a few years back now, I left without a single photograph of the mountain.  In fact we barely even saw the mountain in the 5 days we were in the park.  Plagued by torrential rain and even some flooding around the park, I left defeated.  Not a single image.


Sunrise ReflectionsSunrise ReflectionsThe first light of the day turns Rainier pink. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington.

Breaking Dawn | Mount Rainier National Park | Washington

This time around things were different.  It was sunny and warm.  Too sunny as it turns out.  It's pretty difficult to make interesting landscape images without a single cloud in the sky.  Not a wisp to be found.  We did, however, have a pretty fantastic time hiking and exploring the park.  Lots of wildflowers, bears and mile after glorious mile on the trails.


Morning on the Naches Peak Loop Trail. Mt. Rainier National Park. Washington.

Meadow on the Naches Peak Loop | Mount Rainier National Park | Washington

So what's a girl to do when you can't get the shot during the day?  Stay up all night.  That's right. I figured that if the clear skies were going to make it impossible to get any interesting shots during the day, I'd take advantage of the clear skies for some night sky photography.  Next up...Rainier and the Milky Way...


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