Kim Kozlowski Photography, LLC | "Ignite" | Upper Antelope Canyon Page, Arizona

"Ignite" | Upper Antelope Canyon Page, Arizona

May 07, 2014  •  1 Comment

Upper Antelope Canyon. Page, Arizona.

"Ignite"  |  Upper Antelope Canyon  Page, Arizona

The slot canyons of Arizona and Utah are one of nature's most fascinating and beautiful creations.  I like to think of Upper Antelope Canyon as the "Queen" of the slot canyons, as she's probably the most famous, most visited and most photographed of all of the slot canyons in the American southwest.

Located on the Navajo Nation near Page, Arizona, Upper Antelope Canyon is nearly being loved to death, with hordes of tourists from around the world shuffling up and down the canyon daily. But, to me, its beauty and the reliably amazing light make it a must see. It's just too iconic to miss.

The best time of day to be there varies a little depending on the time of year, but you'll want to go about mid-day to catch the light beams that make their way into the narrow canyon. I was fortunate to be there on a windy day so there was plenty of sand being blown down from atop the canyon which helps the light beams really stand out.  Of course, that also meant a little grit in the teeth by the time we were done and a serious need to clean up the camera gear, but it was well worth it.

More from the spring trip coming soon...


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