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A Little Wizard's Hat Magic {American Landscape Photography by Kim Kozlowski}

April 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


The Wizard's Hat | Bandon, Oregon

Now that I'm home from my spring trip to Oregon, the work of editing begins.  Of the thousands of new images captured on the trip, only a few will "make the cut".  This is one of my favorites from a morning at Bandon Beach on the southern coast of Oregon.  Bandon Beach is just spectacular.  The flat, hard packed beach stretches as far as the eye can see and it is virtually littered with sea stacks.  The Wizard's Hat is one of the most visually interesting stacks, and it looks surprisingly different from different angles. 

On this particular morning, I had ventured out to the beach before sunrise.  I wasn't expecting much, heavy rain had been falling for days, with gale force winds joining the party.   The rain had stopped, but the sky was heavy and grey.  No sunrise color to be had.  Just happy to be on the beach without rain, I hung out for a while, exploring the beach.  You never know what might happen, eh?  Well, my patience paid off.  The sky cleared just enough for a brief moment to let the sun through, lighting the top of the sea stack and bringing out a rainbow.

I quickly positioned myself and composed the shot so the rainbow appeared to emerge from the top of the hat.  Got off a few frames.  And just as quickly as it appeared it was gone and the heavy clouds soon moved back in.

More images from Bandon and the rest of the Oregon trip coming soon.  I'm also excited to get the outdoor portrait season rolling this weekend, with a couple of outdoor sessions scheduled.  It looks like spring is finally here.


My full collection of images from Oregon can be found HERE in the collection titled "Escape: Washington & Oregon".







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