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Idaho and Montana | The Panhandle

August 16, 2012  •  1 Comment

After Palouse Falls, we head east back to Idaho, this time north into the Panhandle.  

We travel backcountry roads, using our saw to occasionally remove a downed tree in our path, and using the GPS to help us navigate through unknown terrain.   Hikes through the temperate rainforest lead us to quiet spaces like Fern Falls and Shadow Falls where you're surrounded by water, from the rushing creeks, dripping moss, quiet waterfalls and occasionally from the clouds above.  The forest is lush and an eyepopping vivid green.

Fern Falls

Fern Falls | Idaho

Shadow Falls

Shadow Falls | Idaho

We continue northward along the Coeur d'Alene river to the cold waters of Coeur d'Alene Lake where the girls take a swim.

Coeur d'Alene River

Coeur d'Alene River | Idaho

We finish our time in Idaho at Priest Lake, just a few miles south of the border with Canada.  We canoe the lake and soak up the sun.  Our efforts to hike the surrounding Selkirk Mountains are mostly unsuccessful due to snow. We must turn back time after time.  Even though we've arrived here in early July, the trails at higher altitudes are still covered with snow and many have turned into rushing creeks due do the high volume of snow melt still making its way down the mountains. 

Lionshead Creek | Priest Lake State Park, Idaho

Two weeks into our three week trip, we've finished our time in Idaho.  We've experienced everything from alpine peaks and desert canyons to lush rainforest and pristine glacial lakes.  Pretty amazing.  We'll be back for sure.

Now we'll head east to Montana, for a week at Glacier National Park.  It's been many years since my last trip to Glacier and I can hardly wait to get back. 

More to come...



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