Stock, Commercial and Product Photography





Publication rights are available for the images found in the gallery as well as for      thousands of other images I have captured over the years. My photographic collection includes travel, landscape, wildlife, people, architecture, cityscapes and food. Please contact me for information about purchasing publication rights or regarding additional images from my collection.

Professional photography shows your business or career in the best possible light. I enjoy the opportunity to work with clients to create images that meet their marketing and advertising needs.  From people to products, architecture to artwork, let’s talk about YOUR next project or event.






Clients include:

 Aesthetics, Inc.                                       Grace White Glass                                

 Backpacker Magazine                            Kris Cravens Pottery                  

 Bicycling Magazine                                 Pepsi Co., Sierra Mist Brand

 Burroughs Payment Systems, Inc.         Pine Lake Glassworks   

 Daisy Chains Jewelry                             Progressive Art

 Farley Calendar Co.                               Secure Realty, LLC

 Freixenet, Canada                                 St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital

 Getty Images                                         United Shore Financial Services



Kim Kozlowski is a commercial photographer specializing in product photography, food photography,  beverage photography, professional headshots, event photography, art show jury shots, stock photography and fine art installations.  Kim Kozlowski Photography is based in Novi, Michigan and serves the Metro Detroit Area, southeast Michigan and beyond.