Sunrise to Sunset in Bryce Canyon | Bryce Canyon National Park

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Byrce Canyon National Park. Utah.

Thor's Hammer at Dawn  |  Bryce Canyon National Park

After our time in Page, Arizona, our spring trip continued as we headed north into Utah to one of my favorite national parks, Bryce Canyon. 

In the springtime, you can align the rising sun with one of Bryce's iconic landmarks, Thor's Hammer. For this shot, I hiked down a bit into the canyon in the pre-dawn darkness to be sure to be in the right place at the right time.  You really only have a few seconds to capture a good sun star in the morning, the sun quickly becomes too strong as it rises. My first morning out was rather unsuccessful.  A perfectly clear sky greeted me with the sunrise, making for a photograph lacking any drama or color in the sky.  So, early the next morning I headed down again to the same spot and had a little bit better luck with a few wisps of clouds to hold a little color. This particular image is a composite of 6 different exposures taken to capture the wide dynamic range between the very bright sky and the early morning darkness down in the canyon.


Bryce Canyon Amphitheater at Sunset  |  Bryce Canyon National Park

The very unique colors of the amphitheater take on different looks as the light changes throughout the day. The hoodoos look strikingly different at sunrise, or midday or at sunset. The first orange glow at sunrise is not to be missed and neither is the final magical glow as the sun sets. This particular image was taken just as the sun was setting on a rather cold and windy spring evening and captures the whole amphitheater from Bryce Point. 

One of my goals for this part of our spring trip was to experiment with some star photography here at Bryce Canyon.  Bryce is well known for its dark night skies and the timing of our stay here would allow me to work after the moon set for a truly dark night sky.  My nights out in the canyon turned out to be a pretty amazing experience, so check back soon for images of Bryce under the Milky Way. 


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