Behind the Scenes | The Presque Isle River

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Presque Isle RiverPresque Isle RiverPorcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. Michigan.

"Presque Isle River"  | Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Michigan

The Presque Isle River in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is simply gorgeous.  Surrounded by old growth forest, the river makes it way through the Ottawa National Forest and the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in the western part of the Upper Peninsula. The underlying bedrock formations form a stunning series of cascades and waterfalls as the river makes its journey towards Lake Superior.  

This particular photograph of the Presque Isle River was taken at a classic viewpoint from a small footbridge over the river near its meeting point with Lake Superior.  I waited until nearly sunset to make this photograph to ensure even lighting across the scene.  I used a longer exposure, about 3 seconds, to capture a feeling of movement in the flow of the river. I was very fortunate that the air was very still on that summer evening so that I could include a little foreground foliage on this long exposure without it becoming a blurry mess. Rivers and especially waterfalls create their own air currents often making it difficult to include surrounding foliage on a long exposure.

This may well be my favorite Michigan river and I enjoyed every minute of hiking and photographing along its banks.  The next time you're in the area, make your way downstream along the river and then take in the sunset on Lake Superior, it'll be an evening you won't soon forget.



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